June 15, 2019

Meet The Fleet

Perry Air has 6 aircraft available for both flight training and rental. Below we have listed the aircraft available for rental. For overnight rentals, we require a minimum of 3 hours flight time per day.


Cessna 150 & 152

We have 1 Cessna 152 and 1 Cessna 150 aircraft. These planes have 2 seats.

Useful Load: 495 lbs

Cruse Speed: 100 kts

Stall Speed: 43 kts

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is our primary training aircraft. We have 4, 172 aircraft (N73725) (N3337E) (N737RN) (N739JE) all of which are located at our Perry Air location in Perry, GA. These planes are excellent training and rental aircraft. They have 4 seats and each include Garmin 430 GPS.

Useful Load: 895 lbs

Cruise Speed: 120 kts

Stall Speed: 48 kts

Cessna 182

The Cessna 182 (N110HR) Is a wonderful 4 seat aircraft with a Garmin 430 GPS coupled to an STEC 30 autopilot. This aircraft is the perfect traveler.

Useful Load: 1,150 lbs

Cruise Speed: 135 kts

Stall Speed: 48 kts