January 21, 2016

Special Offers

One way to save money on flight lessons is to purchase block aircraft rental. Buy 10 hours and get $5 off per hour! If you can schedule more than one lesson per week, you’ll also save money because you’re more likely to get your license faster. If you fly your 10 hours within 30 days, you receive a $50 credit toward your next block purchase effectively giving you a $10 per hour discount! Call 1-478-284-0880 to discuss the details and schedule your first lesson!!

The Discovery Flight coupon is for $50 per half hour flight time per trip, not per person. This means more than one person can enjoy the Discovery Flight, subject to aircraft weight restrictions. It also include all the time you need with the instructor to ask questions or schedule your next lesson! See what it could be like to fly to your next vacation place!