April 8, 2021

Aircraft Rental

All aircraft rental rates are wet / meaning they are based on an hourly rate which includes fuel.  We also offer block discounts for both students and renters which bring the rate down click here to learn more about rates. 

Determining which aircraft is best for you depends on your usage. We have training aircraft and travel aircraft. Training aircraft are primarily the Cessna 172, and travel aircraft are primarily the Cessna 182. Click here to meet the fleet.

  • Licensed Pilots:

A licensed pilot must first be checked out by a Certified Flight Instructor before renting an airplane. A typical rental checkout lasts about 2 hours, and we have discounted block rates for our regular renters / click here for rates. After your rental checkout our hangar is open to our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Be sure to ask your instructor for access codes to the building and the location of required pilot tools. After renting a plane we ask that you record your hobbs and tach time on the aircraft binders. Renters Insurance is not required but highly recommended.

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