January 24, 2016



At Perry Air LLC we offer the following services.
Aircraft Rental:
Whether you are a student on your first lesson or a licensed pilot, aircraft rental works the same way. The aircraft rate is charged based on the “Hobbs Meter” in the aircraft that records the operational time of the aircraft in tenths of an hour.  All rental rates are “wet rates” meaning the price includes fuel. We do offer “dry rates’ which do not include fuel in the event someone rents the aircraft for longer than normal periods.
All pilots wanting to rent require a checkout by a Perry Air LLC flight instructor in order to rent the aircraft solo. If you are a student, the check out process occurs through your flight training. A licensed pilot will require a checkout which normally includes a brief discussion reviewing systems and the POH as well as a flight check to ACS standards.

Once the pilot is checked out, they can easily schedule flights on our online scheduler.

Aircraft Pricing:
As mentioned before, the aircraft rental rates are based on an hourly rate which include fuel.  We also offer block time discounts bring the rate for most aircraft down by up to $10 per hour.  Block rates are generally based on a purchase of 10 hour blocks and a 30 day usage requirement for the maximum discount.

C-150     $93.00/hr                                                                                                        C-152      $93.00/hr
C-172     $134.00/hr
C-182     $185.00/hr

Instruction $45.00/hr
Call for block rates

Other Services:

  • Flight Training
  • Recreational Flying
  • Private Flying
  • Instrument Training
  • Commercial Single Engine Training
  • Flight Instructor Initial and Add on
  • Instrument Instructor
  • Flight Reviews
  • IPCs
  • Insurance Checkouts
  • High Performance Endorsements

Give us a call at 1-478-284-0880 for any questions regarding our services.

We accept the following forms of payment

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