January 24, 2016

Flight Training

Flight Training

Perry Air has been offering flight training since 2009 at Perry Houston County Airport (PXE). For a decade we have been producing private and commercial pilots. Our knowledgeable flight instructors are hand-picked with more than 45,000 flight hours between them — click here to meet the team. You can rest assured our instructors will teach the necessary skills required to fly. 

We offer a variety of flight training services listed below

List of Services:
  • Private Pilot Training (PPL)
  • Instrument Training
  • Commercial Single Engine Training 
  • Flight Instructor Initial and Add on
  • Instrument Instructor
  • Flight Reviews
  • IPCs
  • Insurance Checkouts
  • High Performance Endorsements
  • Ground School
  • Accelerated Flight Training — click here to learn more. 

Private Pilot Training

We recommend new interested students should take advantage of our discovery flight to see if aviation is for you. Call and book a discovery flight today. Discovery flights are $50 and include a half hour of flying 1 on 1 with one of our experienced flight instructors. Click here to learn more. If you’ve begun your training at another flight school and would like to fly at Perry Air contact us and we can get you paired with one of our awesome instructions to re-start your training. Remember your logged hours from your other flight school count toward your next rating!

Advanced Training

If you’re thinking about advanced training contact us and we can pair your with one of our awesome instructors to begin your advanced training at Perry Air. We have CFII and MEI’s who can help you get whatever rating your desire. 

Recurring Training 

If you’re needing a bi-annual flight review or a rental checkout contact us to learn more. We also offer a Redbird TD Flight Simulator that is FAA Approved and you can log instrument time with a licensed flight instructor or maintain your currency without every stepping in an aircraft. Click here to learn more about the rates. 

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