June 30, 2019

Ground School

Perry Air is now offering ground school classes taught by our very own certified ground instructor, Abigail Cross (AGI). Every class will be logged in the attendees log book. Classes are every Sunday and Wednesday at the Perry Houston County Airport FBO. The class schedule is listed below.

To learn more about the class, click the button below. The cost is $50 per person for each 2 hour class. To purchase the entire Ground School Session II Course, the cost is $350. Included is all 12 classes as well as the necessary books (FAR/AIM, ATL Sectional, E6B, Plotter, Airplane Flying Handbook, and Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge). After completing 3 weeks of classes, you will be endorsed for the written exam.

To attend, simply show up at the class time. Pilots, Student Pilots, Experienced Pilots, and anyone interested in learning more about aviation are free to attend these 2 hour workshops.


Ground School Session III

Session III Ground School Package

Sunday (Aug 25)

Airplanes & Aerodynamic 2-4pm Aircraft Systems 4-6pm

Wednesday (Aug 28)

Airspace (Airports) 4:30-6:30pm Regulations 6:30-8:30pm

Sunday (Sep 1)

Air Traffic Control 2-4pm Talking on the Radio 4-8pm

Wednesday (Sep 4)

Human Factors/ADM 4:30-6:30pm Performance/Weight & Balance 6:30pm

Sunday (Sep 8)

Weather 2-4pm Weather Service/Prod 4-6pm

Wednesday (Sep 11)

Sectionals 4:30-6:30pm Cross Country 6:30-8:30pm

Sunday (Sep 15)

Pre-Knowledge Q&A 2-6pm